Here you can find frequently asked questions about the WE CARE® Patient Payment Program from Medfinancial. Please note that your provider or medical facility must be participating in the program before you can apply. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Is this a credit card?
No, this is a loan and not a credit card or line of credit.
Can I use Medfinancial at multiple healthcare facilities?
Yes; however, each facility must be a Medfinancial partner.
As a guardian, can I sign my dependents up for Medfinancial?
Yes, and there will be one bill per responsible party.
Is there a credit check?
No, everyone is approved for the WE CARE® Patient Program.
Is there a limit that I can borrow?
Yes, the stated limit is $15,000 for each responsible party.
Will I receive notice in the event I am late?
Yes, Medfinancial will notify you when your payment becomes late.
Can I add to an already existing account?
Yes, you may take another loan with Medfinancial as long as the amount does not exceed $15,000.
What are my payment options?
12 – 60 month repayment options are available based on the patient’s balance.
Can I pay my bill to the provider?
No, once you have signed the agreement with Medfinancial you need to continue paying Medfinancial until the loan has been satisfied.
Can I set up automatic payments?
Yes, AutoPay allows you to make your payments by automatically deducting them each month from a checking or savings account that you designate.
What happens if I can't fulfill my obligation?
Your account will be sent back to the provider, at which point the provider will most likely forward it to a collection agency.
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