Here you can find frequently asked questions about the WE CARE Patient Payment Program from Medfinancial. If you are a patient interested in financing your medical expenses through the WE CARE Patient Payment Program, please note that your provider must be participating in the program before you can apply. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Who is Medfinancial?
An affiliate of Edfinancial Services, Medfinancial focuses on patient engagement. We are convinced that our WE CARE® Patient Payment Program will be the best option for both the provider and the patient. Medfinancial is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
How difficult is the approval process?
Simple - have the patient sign an application and they are approved.
Can a patient sign up individually?
No, patients must be seeking treatment at a participating facility.
Is this a recourse program?
Yes, a patient will default if he or she misses three consecutive payments. The account will be returned to the provider.
What payment options does the patient have?
We offer repayment terms between 12-60 months based on patient balance and at zero interest or 7.25 APR.
What type of assurances does the provider have that the patient will be treated with respect?
Medfinancial has the most up-to-date call center located on site, and with our monitoring technology, the quality assurance is paramount. Customer service is the key to a successful program.
As a provider, will we be given marketing materials and staff training?
Absolutely, all marketing collateral will be provided at no cost to the provider. And training is the key to patient engagement so the provider can expect not only on-site training but on going webinar training. It is key to knowing our customers from the CFO to the registrars.
What type of correspondence should our patients expect?
All patients will be a part of a very thorough workflow process that will include letters and calls to ensure that your patients stay in good standing and fulfill their obligation.
What are the major benefits to someone signing up with the WE CARE® Patient Payment Program?
Without a doubt, first and foremost, a higher collection rate based on several factors; secondly, less demand on the staff, allowing for reallocated duties; and finally, upfront funding to fund new initiatives that the provider may have.
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