Making Healthcare More Affordable with Patient Financing

It is not breaking news to point out that healthcare can be expensive and put individuals/families in a difficult position when it comes to paying for medical services. In fact, recent West Health & Gallup 2021 data offers an informative perspective on the financial hardship Americans face when it comes to repaying their medical expenses:

  • An estimated 58 million U.S. adults (23%) report that healthcare costs are a major financial burden.
  • Nearly one-third of Americans report not seeking treatment for a health problem in the prior three months due to its cost.
  • The rate of Americans borrowing money to pay for needed care is higher now than it was a year ago, rising from 7% in December 2020 to 11% in October 2021.

Medfinancial has developed a trustworthy and reliable solution to make healthcare more affordable to all patients while also reducing the cost to healthcare providers associated with administering long-term payment arrangements. Our We Care® program not only offers patients affordable payment terms, but our provider partners will benefit by receiving funding for the full patient responsibility!

Download our latest solutions graphic to see how the We Care® program makes a $3,000 balance easily affordable over time.

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